To be an excellent model social enterprise, committed to exemplary holistic economic empowerment to women in the community.
To create high quality and wide range of well designed, handmade products with a competitive market response.
Beacon Crafts and Gifts Centre otherwise referred to as “House of Bezalel” was founded in 2002.

Our production center has been a driving force in combating the devastating effects of poverty and HIV/AIDS pandemic by offering economic opportunities to women in the community. Local and global markets present high demand for good quality, hand-made products and represent the very entities that keep our production center thriving and sustainable. Women who once faced a hopeless future suddenly find a renewed sense of hope and self-worth as their God given talents can flourish and generate sustainable income.

Product Lines

All of our products are customized and made out of the finest local materials.

 We buy the balls of wool from farmers in Kinangop sub-county who shear the sheep. Once the wool is washed and sun-dried, it is sent to the craft centre where it is dyed into different colors to make wool woven carpets, scarfs and mats among other items.


Our Market and Sustainability

The goal of the production center is to provide the women with a steady income on a sustainable basis. This is to ensure that their lives can shift form one of abject poverty to one of abundance. Some of our clients include; Hope united Inc. USA, Focus Africa Canada, Sky Africa, Trianum hospitality and their chain of hotels, Sopa lodge, Jacaranda hotels and other assorted hotels in Kenya.

Standards Memberships and Certifications