Beacon of Hope Centre transforms communities by sharing the love of Christ in a practical way. At the heart of the community lies the family that raises youth who have the potential and capacity to drive the development agenda. Hence the Youth Empowerment Program invests in building new futures by equipping youth to become responsible, productive and contributing members of society.


We believe that within each and every one of us lies a hidden power to achieve greatness and that it is possible to mobilize this power to work for the good of the individual and community.

Through our vision and strategies, the YEP seeks to create ‘AMBASSADORS OF HOPE’. These are people who have attained near complete control over their social, emotional, economic and spiritual environments and are able to help others achieve the same. Our core concern is to facilitate individuals’ gradual but steady movement from vulnerability to security.


A purpose built youth centre, dubbed the WISOM CENTRE, offers essential amenities and promises to revive the fortunes of young generations. Its key focus areas are Knowledge expansion, talent building, enterprise development, recreation and spiritual nurture among others

Services offered at the WISDOM CENTRE include;


Living up to its name, the Wisdom centre shows true commitment to the spirit of enlightenment. The library provides a quiet space and a wide variety of literary material ranging from text books, novels, bibliographies, motivational books, magazines and journals all to quench the thirst for knowledge. Around here a saying goes that in life two things can change your world that is the people you meet and the books you read.


We boast an effective mentorship model that is aimed at positive character development where we seek to restore values that that have been eroded by influences in contemporary society punctuated by moral deficiencies. Also get to learn as more accomplished mentors share their wisdom and experiences on how to achieve success. This is a journey through life that will challenge you to evaluate your priorities and inspire you to realize your full potential.


These are forums where youth gather to exchange information and ideas on pertinent issues. Discussions revolve around challenges and practical solutions to addressing them. Thematic areas covered include health, environment, education, entrepreneurship, spirituality and civic mindedness among others. The sessions strengthen the youths’ capacities as agents of change and form a basis for community action.


A state of the art facility utilizing the expertise of experienced music and video production professionals. The studio offers a multi-media experience that is a cut above the rest.


This is a first of its kind in the county that provides a convenient space for visual artists to let their creative juices flow and freely express themselves. Art forms include photography, fine art graphics, painting, drawing etc. Beginners can find experienced mentors who will take them under their wings and assist them to hone their skill.


Unleash your creative potential through our interactive performing arts program that guarantees to earn you a seat at the table of literary equals. Join the company of fellow thespians and learn how to utilize skill and talent to generate entertaining content. This may as well be the Launchpad that propels you into showbiz. We do theatre, film, music, poetry, spoken word and dance.


The ‘information age’ demands that individual keep abreast with current trends to enable an appropriate response to economic, social and technological shifts that we are living through. Our computer lab provides access to the information superhighway and opens up opportunities in the field of ICT to our members.


The Wisdom Centre provides an environment and facilities that enables our youth fraternity to feel at ease and unwind from the pressures of day to day tasks. Members get an opportunity to break from routine, rest, relax and re-energize. Evidence shows that an individual’s brain benefits from free time, because it allows her to figure out and develop her talents and identity. Activities include camps, picnics, hikes, table tennis, fuzz ball, darts, chess, scrabble etc.