BOH provides two square meal a day to women and children in the center. Over a 100 people (men women and children) are feed each day, through a feeding program that is pivotal to the success of any other projects envisioned. For it is impossible for a hungry and frustrated mother, with an even hungrier child, to give her best or have any hope in any endeavor.


Vocational training is provided in carpet and kikoy weaving, spinning, tailoring and beadwork. Many of the women have never earned a regular income, thus through the training at BOH they generate some income by selling the products.

Eventually, the women will become self-sustaining and thus economically empowered. So far 135 women and a few men have been trained. Currently we have 54 women and a few men training with us. Another 20 have been assisted by Beacon to establish their own   Community workshop where they weave from and market their products through the BOH shop.

As a way of making the BOH income generating activities self sustaining BOH has opened a shop in one of the big malls on Ngong Road act as a marketing outlet of her many products .BOH also has a network of churches in the USA who assist in selling their products.


Many of the women who take part in BOH are mothers. Thus, childcare is provided for every child brought to the BOH Center. Each child participates in a daily devotional as well as playtime and academic tutoring by a trained kindergarten teacher. Thus far we have 80 children in this program.)


The number of orphaned and vulnerable children in our sponsorship programme has also increased. These are primarily children of parents who were HIV positive and have since passed away or are too weak to support their children. To avoid these children suffering we facilitate sponsorship for them to boarding schools around the country. We have over 200 children in this program so far we have put over 40 0f them in boarding school both in primary and secondary and one at the university, the rest are still awaiting sponsorship.


BOH set up a mini clinic at the Centre in 2003 through the assistance of a very committed and dedicated volunteer nurse who continues to visit the Centre weekly to monitor the medical condition of our HIV positive women and children.


BOH has found that when addressing the issue of HIV/AIDS strictly feeding the women and teaching them a vocational skill is not enough. It is thus critical to encourage community members to know their health status. Thus, it is imperative that the people in the community come to a certified center to learn their health status and then be counselled regardless of the results to understand how they can continue to live their lives to the fullest potential. We began the VCT in May 2003 and so far over 4,000 people have been tested.


BOH has trained over 150 people in Home-Based Care within the community. With the home based care skills they learnt they have been of great help to people living with HIV AIDS in the community.


BOH runs a Support Group for people who are HIV positive. The group members include women and men from the community who have visited our VCT Centre and other areas beyond Ongata Rongai. The VCT Centre and the support group has been a great success despite the fact that we have lost some of the very active members through death.


This project began to address the elderly as care givers of orphans left in their care by their children. Their limited resources in caring for the OVCs have strained them, making them among the poorest of the poor. Currently they are involved in a sisal weaving project making baskets and other assorted products. This has encouraged them as a group and as members they have continued to get care and support from Beacon and other members sharing their experience as elderly care givers.


BOH offers regular opportunities to experience the Word of God. The highest priority of BOH is to spiritually encourage the women so that they themselves can understand the reality of God and His desire to be a part of their lives.


With a professionally trained team consisting of internal BOH staff and external facilitators, BOH trains other organizations and institutions on: spiritual growth and development home based care, HIV/AIDS counseling and project management.


BOH supports local youth programmes in the area of peer education and sports activities