Our production centre has been a driving force in combating the devastating effects of the HIV/ AIDS pandemic by offering work to women who have completed the BOH Vocational Training College. Local and global markets present high demand for good quality, hand-made products and represent the very entities that keep our production centre thriving and sustainable. Women who once faced a hopeless future suddenly find a renewed sense of hope and self worth as their God given talents can flourish and generate sustainable income.



All of our products are customized and made out of the finest materials: Wool woven carpets; Cotton woven table-mats and table runners; woven cotton and acrylic fabric (kikoy, shawls, scarves, garments out of kikoy); beaded products; conference bags, computer bags, toilet bags, hand bags; specialized uniforms for companies and schools; soft furnishings (cushion inserts and covers, curtains, aprons, gloves, bread holders.)


The production department is under one roof with several production areas for carpet making, kikoy weaving, sewing unit, stores, dye room and a showroom that displays all products. All products are sold at fair and reasonable prices.


• Customized designs
• Pattern making/grading competences
• Adapt customer-design to production suitability • Printing/embroidery facilities outsourced


The goal of the Production Center is to provide our producers with steady work on a sustainable basis. This is to ensure that their lives can shift from one of abject poverty to one of abundance. Our production capacity has been strengthened through consistent orders from our main customers including: One Way Cleaning Ltd. Kenya, Rio Hotel, Sky Africa Ltd., Collezoi Designers, Hope United Inc. USA, Focus Africa Canada, Global Mother Canada, Market Colors USA and many more. To further boost awareness of BOH, the Production Center also participates in various exhibition in and around Nairobi.

Our social development unit offers our producers access to affordable credit, known as the Savings and Internal Lending Community (SILC). This provides a platform for the vulnerable population to pool their money in a centralized fund from which members borrow startup capital and then pay with subsidized interest.


- COFTA Confederation of Fair Trade In Africa - KEFAT Kenya Federation of Alternative Trade


Confederation of Fair Trade in Africa (COFTA) Kenya Federation of Alternative Trade (KEFAT) World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO)