Empower to excel for God's glory


To be an institution of excellence in holistic development of children.


To provide wholesome quality education in a caring and conducive environment and empower next generation of leaders.


The school is located in Ongata Rongai, along Gataka road, just behind Maasai mall.


Beacon of hope academy was started as a daycare in the year 2000 and later grew into a preschool. Children who graduated in pre-unit were enrolled in other schools for primary education until 2011 when the school got two more rooms for classes one and two. During this time the primary school was under construction and 2014 Beacon of hope academy primary school section was opened.


The school follows the 8-4-4 system. The pre-school section, early childhood education follows the DECECE curriculum borrowing other necessary items from Montessorri and KHA.

The school is committed to bringing up a holistic child and for this reason; co-curricular activities are an important part of the curriculum. Morning devotions take thirty minutes of the school time-table, clubs, sports, ICT and Library lessons


Academics, feeding programme, health, psychosocial, co-curricular, spiritual nurture, ICT and library. Beacon of hope academy is committed to engagingand developing the whole child. At beacon of hope the child is natured intellectually, physically, mentally and spiritually.


The main reason why parents take their children to school is education. Beacon of Hope academy is committed to giving quality education through qualified teachers. The teachers go through different capacity building workshops to prepare them for quality delivery.


The school has a nutritionist works on a menu that ensures that children feed on a healthy diet. The 10.00 o’clock snack and 1.00 o’clock lunch are served in a clean dining hall.


The school has various programmes that ensure that the health of every child is checked

  • A deworming programme that ensures that children are dewormed twice a year
  • Application of teeth vanish that helps reduce the effect of salty water on the children’s teeth.
  • Regular check-ups (eye, ears, teeth, and chest) by friends of beacon are done.
  • Assessment of children with special needs is done by specialists whenever a child is suspected to have learning difficulties or behavioral disorders.


This is achieved through:-

  • Counselling classes for both boys and girls
  • Birthday parties are conducted every last Friday of a month. The birthday boy/girl is allowed to dress in home gears. All the cakes and snacks bought by these children are put together and shared by the whole school.
  • The vulnerable girls are provided with pads which also include the reusable sanitary towels.


  • Children learn as they play. The school has various activities that nature creativity and talent. This is realized through:-
  • Clubs- the school has four active clubs namely; handiwork, cookery, journalism and agriculture.
  • Inter-social event- children from the neighboring schools come to participate in various activities with our school.
  • Fun-day- parents come to school to take part in fun activities with their children.
  • Swimming- swimming lessons are conducted by a swimming instructor every Friday.
  • Games and sports- every Friday after-noon all children participate in various games and sports.
  • Chess- the school provides chessboards and those children who are interested in the game get a chance to practice. A chess instructor joins the children for training during the school holidays.
  • Scrabble- to improve the children’s creativity, the game of scrabble is given to the children at break time.


As a Christian school, our school ensures that every child participates in daily devotion. The devotion takes thirty minutes every morning where the teachers follow certain themes in relation to the devotion timetable.


Computer lessons are compulsory for all children starting from nursery school. A full time ICT teacher who is Microsoft certified facilitates the lessons which includes integrating all subjects with ICT

Our well-equipped computer lab with fulltime internet connectivity ensures that children are well prepared for the digital economy.


The school has a well-equipped library with a multimedia section where children watch educational DVDs on the television. Cross words and puzzles are also available for children of all ges. Storytelling and read aloud is also done by the school librarian together with other teacher