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Our Vision -

To be a model of excellence in wholesome community transformation globally

Our Core Business

We design and implement initiatives that transform and empower people’s spiritual, physical, economic and social and well being

Our Mission

To bring hope and catalyze sustainable transformation by uplifting the spiritual, physical, economic and social well-being of vulnerable individuals, families and communities.

What we live by

Our Culture and Values


We are led by our faith in Jesus Christ

Because all people, being equal in God’s eyes, deserve the love and compassion of Christ.


We are committed

Because all people deserve unwavering support in their most vulnerable moments.


We do it very well

Because all people deserve the highest quality of service.


We do it for good

Because all people deserve protection from the indignity of poverty, injustices & disease.

Beacon's Background

Beacon of hope has its origins in the desire of one woman, Jane Wathome, to move out of her comfort zone and to share the love of Christ in a practical way. The desire to serve amongst the less fortunate women began in 1996 while Jane was serving as an intern with Nairobi Chapel. Two year later the Lord put a desire in her heart to pursue further training in counseling and Theology so that she could be more effective in her work of service amongst women.

Through the support and encouragement of the leadership of Nairobi Chapel, Jane pursued an M.A. degree in Biblical Counseling at the Nairobi International School of Theology (NIST). It was during her studies that she partnered with MAP International for her internship training. While at MAP International, Jane was exposed to the world of HIV/AIDS and through that experience, her desire to reach out to women who were infected and affected by HIV/AIDS within poor communities grew. She realized that God had equipped her with gifts and talents to bring hope, significance and self-worth to those women.

After her graduation at nternational Leadership University (formerly NIST), through a contact at MAP International, God led Jane and a small core of friends to the Ongata Rongai area in September of 2001. There, they met an already existing group of women who had taken initiative to deal with HIV/AIDS scourge that was afflicting their families. Beacon of Hope was born in 2002, when the needs of the women of Ongata Rongai combined with Jane and her friends’ aspiration to help. Beacon of Hope was formally established in September 2002 to respond to the HIV/AIDS pandemic among women in poor communities and started its work in Ongata Rongai in the southern outskirts of Nairobi.